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                                       Concealed Flange Access Doors

                                  Acudor Concealed Flange Access Doors

Click on Picture to See Prices or Add to Cart;jsessionid=048FEA569974FA84AABF58098853FE1A?id=57147779&scale=-1&size=1359124843626                         ;jsessionid=048FEA569974FA84AABF58098853FE1A?id=58549899&scale=-1&size=1359124879638                               ;jsessionid=048FEA569974FA84AABF58098853FE1A?id=58725167&scale=-1&size=1359124912719

DW-5040 Non-Rated                 FB-5060 Fire Rated For Walls Only          FW-5050 Fire Rated For Walls & Ceilings

DW-5040 Product Page                                           FB-5060 Product Page                                                     FW-5050 Product Page

DW-5040 Submittal                                           FB-5060 Submittal Up To 24 x 24                                    FW-5050 Submittal Up To 24 x 24

                                                                            FB-5060 Submittal Over 24 x 24                                      FW-5050 Submittal Over 24 x 24



                                                                   PS-5030 Non-Rated For Plaster

                                                              PS-5030 Product Page

                                                                                        PS-5030 Submittal

                              JL Industries Concealed Flange Access Doors

Click on Picture to See Prices or Add to Cart;jsessionid=953BC5BFF26CB61BC8C56C303D903D1B?id=62563816&scale=-1&size=1359130747939                                                                        ;jsessionid=953BC;jsessionid=953BC5BFF26CB61BC8C56C303D903D1B?id=62686017&scale=-1&size=13591306709835BFF26CB61BC8C56C303D903D1B?id=62685815&scale=-1&size=1359130566487

           WB Non-Rated                                                                                                     FDWB Fire Rated For Walls & Ceilings

            WB Product Page                                                                                                                                 FDWB Product Page

                 WB Submittal                                                                                                                                          FDWB Submittal